June 1, 2011


I really like the idea of a metallic cake, maybe pearl base with gold and silver leaves?  Or even gold base with silver branches?  Here's some new photos...

My Current Fav

What about something like this?! Lovebirds!
Still am completely obsessed with this cake

March 11, 2011


So, right now for flowers I'm thinking the following:
At the ceremony: dried Lavender in steel pails attached to chairs or stands with ribbon (see previous post)
Boudineres: Lavender, sage, rosemary, mint
Bouquets:  Examples of what I like:
Lisianthus, Gorgeous!

The Inspiration

February 25, 2011

Ceremony Flower Ideas....

Love the color and the pail
Maybe use hooks?
Cuuute! Would look good in Chautauqua... by the podium

Buffalo Cake toppers.... harder to find than you imagine....

January 14, 2011

Three Things....

1) How fun would this be in the photo-booth? (it comes in brown too, and we can decorate/glitterize it)

2) I love these winter engagement pictures, with the pop of color!

3) With the tree theme, these would work, but may not have enough "wow" factor?

Aisle Decoration?

At some point I'll need to think of something for the aisle and podium/altar/arch/whatever we do:

January 4, 2011


Good solution for hot hot sun, and maybe rain too.  And pretty adorable.

December 29, 2010


So, back to the problem with my bouquet with black and gold wedding colors...  

I'm thinking purple!  Dramatically dark eggplant, more specifically:

(Steven loves loves loves Irises)

But I do really love these fall bouquets....

Wedding Colors?

So, here's some ideas right now:

~ Groomsmen: Black suits, gold/champagne/honey ties. Done.

~ Bridesmaids: black dresses, gold.champagne/honey accents (shoes, bracelets, hair pieces?)

Just Kidding!!
 or Black dress, gold accents + gold shoes (did you know they can dye shoes any color?!)  Maybe this style? Obviously with black instead of red:

Here's a picture of all the available accents from this dress place (http://www.ariadress.com), is the accent too corny (obviously all three is too much, but one or two...)??